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Can I order just a tail/hands/body?

Sorry, we no longer offer small projects such as just tails, hands, feet, or bodies. However you can do fullsuit, partial suit, or head only orders.

Can I order one of the suits pictured in your gallery?

No. All the the suits in our gallery were made custom for someone. That person owns all rights to the character and the costume. I will not remake any of them.

Do I need concept art?

Yes. Each costume is crafted based on concept artwork the costumer supplies.

You will want a 3-view concept art that shows all of your character’s features. Feel free to add bullet points to your concept art to point out details such as “large ears” so we know exactly what you want.
You can also add such info in the “additional info” box on your quote form.
Although we encourage drawn out concept art, we sometimes accept partial artistic freedom. This is when you come to us with an idea, such as a species, color scheme, or photographs of real animals for us to go off of.

How long will it take for my suit to be finished?

Creating each costume is time consuming and usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete, but due to our long project queue it can take 4 months to a year for your project to be completed. We do not take con deadlines, but will do our best to complete it in time if you warn us ahead of time.  Please plan very far in advance if you are wanting your fursuit for an event.

How old do I have to be to order?

18. No minors please! These are not kids costumes. They are expensive works of wearable art so we prefer to work with older folks.

Im not ready to pay, but can I get a quote so I know how much to save up?

No, sorry. We don’t have time to calculate and answer every single email asking for a quoted price. We only give prices to people that are currently getting a slot on our list of commissions. And we only accept more projects when we announce we are open. If you need a general price you can look at our “pricing” tab. When in doubt, save up extra!

Will I need a duct tape dummy?

Yes, we do need a duct tape dummy (DTD). As well as your shoe size, and the circumference
around your head.

Additional details about DTDs will be given to customers upon commissioning us. If you need help feel free to ask. There are also several tutorials online about making them, just do a quick google search!

Will you make this species?

Yes! Almost always that will be a yes. We can make almost any species of animal, even if we never have.

Will you ship outside the United States?

Yes, but you will be responsible for the extra shipping charges. Keep in mind customs fees can be in the hundreds of dollars upon arrival in your country.

Can I buy a head or partial and get a body suit later?

No, please plan ahead and buy everything you will be wanting at one time.

When will commissions be open?

When we know, we will announce it. If it doesnt say, we are not yet sure.

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